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Sleep Deprivation And Dehydration – Is There a Connection?

Water is an essential part of our diet. A huge part of our body has occupied with water. It is a vital element in several body functions. One needs to drink water on a daily basis to support seamless functionality of our bodily systems including nervous system and other tissue systems. Dehydration or loss of water causes several health issues and in fact it has been linked with sleep disorder as well. Studies done across the globe have validated this statement.

We all know that sleep issues are further linked with various health issues and they show extreme daytime sleepiness as one of their common symptoms. Provigil 200mg dosage is required to ward off sleepiness and to get better and improved alertness. However, finding the root cause and seeking right treatment for the same is also required. There are several factors due to which you might develop a sleep issue and dehydration is one of them.

Studies have estimated that dehydration is the number one cause for sleep issues. Dehydration is connected with various other issues such as headaches, irritability and poor concentration power. Experts say that even 2% loss of body fluid might lead to reduced mental functioning. We often stay dehydrated and we don’t even realize it. It is because we drink water when we feel thirsty. In fact, it is better to keep sipping on water throughout the day in order to maintain a good level of water within the body. We must ditch sugary cold drinks and other beverages and drink water instead. These beverages do nothing good to your body but they have a potential to harm your health.

Dehydration affects your entire body and it has negative effects on your sleep pattern as well. Chronic dehydration is linked with reduced amount of amino acids which are imperative for the production of melatonin. This chemical is manufactured in a gland called pineal gland and it is required to maintain circadian rhythm or sleep and wakeup pattern. Dehydration blocks the production of melatonin which has adverse effects on sleep pattern. This results in sleep ailments which further cause daytime sleepiness and other health issues. Thus, it is vital to keep yourself hydrated in order to maintain a healthy circadian rhythm.

Provigil is a wakefulness promoter or smart drug which acts on the brain chemicals to correct the sleep and wakeup cycle. Along with consuming the drug, you need to keep an eye on your water intake as well. The medicine helps in keeping a normal amount of brain chemicals or neurotransmitters. These are engaged in various activities and sleep regulation is one of them. Provigil 200mg is the dosage you need to keep your sleep pattern in a healthy condition. This further corrects daytime sleepiness and offers better cognitive functionality as well.

It is recommended to drink at least two to three liters of water on a daily basis. You can also have fruits and veggies which have higher water content to prevent dehydration and its consequences like sleep issues. Carry a water bottle wherever you go and keep sipping on it instead of sugary sodas.

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