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Erectile Dysfunction – Even Young Men Are Not Spared

Young men keep running in the neck-breaking competition to prove their worth. It is vital for them to stay ahead in the competition as it defines their manliness and their passion toward the goal they have set for their lives. However, it is not rosy as it seems. Stress has been seeped into their lives and made them suffer from numerous health issues. Even their sexual lives are not spared. Often, young men complain of not getting a proper hard on when they desperately need it. The condition is well known as erectile dysfunction which affects majorly the elderly male population. However, young men are too being affected by the sexual issue. The good news is that you can treat the condition with male impotence drugs such as Generic Viagra or Sildenafil citrate variations. These variations are always prescribed by the doctors after a physical check up. You can buy Generic Viagra online if you are unable to enjoy the sexual intercourse because of impotence.  

What causes erectile dysfunction in young men?
As mentioned earlier, stress is the reason for all a messed up sexual life of a young man. Stress has ill effects on the health of an individual and it affects mental health as well. Moreover, erectile issues are born due to psychological issues one is dealing with. These are as follows:

Performance anxiety
Some young men get too much anxious at the mere thought of performing in bed which leads them to not perform at all. Studies have supported this with the findings indicating anxiety to perform in bed. Some men suffer from performance for a short time span while in some men; the issue get severe as time passes by and finally turns into erectile dysfunction. The more they worry about it the more they suffer from it.

A prolonged feeling of sadness surrounded by dense feelings of worthlessness termed as depression. It has been observed that a huge chunk of young male population is dealing with depression. The psychological disorder has a potential to affect one to a greater extent. Depression influences young man’s sexual life severely and makes him lose interest in getting intimate. To make it worse, anti-depressant medication causes erectile dysfunction and loss in libido as their side effects.

As per a Chinese study, men who drink more than three drinks a week have significantly reduced their erection development power. Men find it empowering to have a drink or two before getting intimate. It also acts as an ice-breaker if it is their first time. However, one cannot deny the fact that alcohol does no good to you in the long run.

Drug abuse
Like alcohol consumption, drug abuse is one of the reasons for young men to suffer from the embarrassment of not getting a proper hard on. A drug, particularly cocaine, has been linked with the development of priapism – a condition where an erection lasts for more than four hours causing extreme discomfort.


Not having food on time, lack of sleep which is connected with obesity, increase in junk food consumption is the reason why young men are becoming obese. Being overweight, one tends to attract health issues that cause one to suffer from erection difficulties. 

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