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Rules for Eating Out While You Are Trying to Shed Extra Pounds

Losing weight has become a need not only for obese people but for those who wish to stay healthy. They try everything to lose weight but there are certain events or occasions when you simply lose the control over your eating habit. It happens naturally when you meet your friends or family over a meal in a restaurant. First and foremost, you cannot assure that your food will be made in a way you wish it to be made. You can certainly ask the staff to make the food in less oil but however, you might end up having that extra piece of dessert or those fatty, salty French fries promising that you will exercise more the next day.

So does it mean that you should stop visiting restaurants or stop eating out? No. You can still devour the food you like on your cheat day and be hale and hearty with the satisfaction that you haven’t broken any rule of your diet plan. This article will tell you how.

Know what is on the menu before you step out
Thanks to the technology, we have apps that will tell us what is there on the menu of restaurants and we do not even need to go to the restaurant to know that. You can think what to order and you can also customize your food, getting all the healthy options available. For example, if you are craving for a particular dessert, you can have it by cutting off on other parts of your meal. You can also snack on a handful of almonds or a piece of fresh fruit before going to the restaurant to ensure you eat less there.

Keep an eye on what comes in the bread basket
If your friends have ordered a bread basket, you need to check which healthy alternatives you will be getting. You can ask the server not to bring any sort of bread and butter or dips or salsa to your table (if your friends allow you to do so). Say no to chips as they are salty and you may end up having more than a plate of it. Ditch appetizers which may make you eat more than you plan. But if you wish to taste some appetizers, go for healthy options like broth based soups, veggies or seared tuna.

Be aware of liquid calories
Calories come with liquid food also such as beverages. A glass of wine can give you ample of calories. You need to be hard on you while choosing a beverage or a dessert. You cannot have both at the same time. Go for a skinny cocktail which will have vodka with a splash of fruit juice or soda. Keep an eye on the serving too, go for small drinks rather than large portions of it.

Ask for ‘healthy’ salads

Salads are great for weight loss; however, they can have hidden calories and fats in the form of salad dressing. Tell your server to bring you a raw or boiled salad with no oil dressing and without cheese. This will save more calories and you can binge on without regrets. 

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